Inspiration for 2019

Happy New Year! My one word theme for 2019 is, Inspiration!

The definition of inspiration is: “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative”.

So in my studio this year I will be engaging my students to seek that which inspires them to learn, practice and play.

We will diving into various projects to stimulate their minds to learn and to be creative.

One project is, “The Composer of the Month”. I have to say I’m enjoying this just as much as my students. 😊

We have created our own individual book, and we will be using our art skills to draw and doodle. Each month a composer will be added, and the student will study that composer for a month. This will create an appreciation and awareness for the composer, his/her era, style and musicality. This will be part of my teaching syllabus called, “Art & Appreciation”. I can’t wait to see what develops in this project.

  • Here is my book. 😊
  • I give my student an assigned sheet to help them jot down their findings.

    Here it is:

    The completed sheet:

    I hope I have inspired you to be creative, this year of 2019.

    Hear. See. Feel. Do!

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