It has been a year and a 1/2 since I relocated from the UK to the US!

This has been an challenging new chapter for me, but I’m excited that I’m back in my native country! It was a fantastic 10 years teaching in the U.K. I furthered my education, sold pianos at Allder’s and Harrods, built a travelling studio where I had students all over London, tutored students for their Grade exams for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, hosted several music recitals, and, lastly, mentored students to perform and host their own very successful gigs.

I’m teaching at my new studio in Gastonia, N.C. For those outside of the area, the state, or even the country that desire lessons, you may signup via Skype/FaceTime. If you’re worried about how an online lesson might turn out, don’t be! I have had great success teaching live or via the Internet.

I really enjoy teaching at my studio. I have furnished it with repurposed furniture, pallets, and, of course, instruments. Parents of students are always welcomed to stay during their child’s lesson.

This past March we had our first recital at the Steinway Gallery in Charlotte. What a lovely venue!

Mark Love, CEO

The Steinway Gallery

What a gorgeous Steinway!

I received Top Music Teacher 2017 from Steinway & Sons–that was a pleasant surprise!

Mark Love

This summer I plan on having a Jam Session Recital with my students and local guests.

Well done students! I hope you enjoy these photos from our March Recital.

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